To the one I love:

I know you don’t notice but I love you so much it hurts. I have dreams every night about what our future lives could be like and it’s always the same thrilling and happy vibe but always a different situation. It breaks my heart to see that your with her but it also make my smile with tears if joy to see you so happy. I’m not sad anymore I’m just melancholy because my feelings for you just grow stronger and stronger. I’m not sure what to do at this point except to accept my reality, ride it out, and see what life brings my way. I will never forget you and what you have taught me. All lessons I can apply on and off the field. You push me to strive to be the best I can be whether your doing it intentionally or not. I thank God everyday for placing you in my life and hope to never see you go. I am about to start my journey in my last year of high school and hope that we can be very good friends as soon and the season is over. I miss you and hope that our relationship will only grow stronger with time. I know we both know it was really hard for me to except my reality in the beginning but now I see clearly why things are the way they are. I will always keep you in the back of my mind throughout my daily life and I hope I poke into yours days some how as well.